About Us

Ica Nahuatl is a cultural education project created to introduce the Nahuatl language to the next generation of speakers. We developed materials with young readers in mind, but folks of all ages can enjoy learning foundational words and phrases.



What is Nahuatl?

Nahuatl is one of Mexico’s
indigenous languages and is part of the Utzo-Aztecan family. There are several varieties throughout Mexico, Ica Nahuatl utilizes the Huasteca variety from Chicontepec Veracruz, Mexico.

What does Ica Nahuatl mean?

It means “In Nahuatl”.

Who are the Macehualli?

Native Nahuatl speakers are often referred to as Nahuas. However, in Chicontepec Veracruz, Mexico, many call themselves Macehualli. Out of respect, we do too.

Why are we giving back?

Nahuatl is an endangered language with only 1.5 million native speakers remaining, and must be preserved. Macehualli communities are also faced with many barriers and lack basic education resources.

How are proceeds shared?

Proceeds from all Ica Nahuatl purchases are equitably shared with Idiez. These funds will be used for Nahuatl preservation, revitalization, and Macehualli youth education programs.

What is Idiez?

Instituto de Docencia e Investigación Etnológica de Zacatecas (IDIEZ) A.C., is a non-profit civil association which promotes research, teaching and revitalization of the Nahuatl language. To learn more about them, their courses offering and revitalization efforts check them out here www.Idiezmacehualli.org

What is the Grizzly Kollective?

A collective of educators, artists, and developers dedicated to the
creation of cultural empowerment projects for communities of color.
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